1) Do you think it is wise and not repugnant to stuff bread up the bacteria laden butthole of the corpse of a severely brutalized baby turkey and eat it as stuffing for Thanksgiving?
2) Did you realize Krishna and Jesus along with others are personifications of Mars the Son of God and both were born of a virgin on December 25 and were visited by wise men and were saviors and healers and the 2nd person of a Trinity and they both walked on water and were crucified and resurrected after 3 days?
3) Did you realize that in the so-called medieval times there were wars using electrical weaponry?
4) If the moon is the cause of Ocean tides why does it not effect lakes and smaller bodies of water that would have less resistance?
5) Why during the so-called moon landings are there many different sources of light such as would be found on a movie set?
6) Do you think we should just tell kids that cows milk is for baby cows and goats milk is for baby goats and that we kill the babies and steal their milk?
7) Did you know that the original apex or capstone of the Great Pyramid of Egypt consisted of electrum which is an alloy of gold, silver and copper?
8) Did you realize that originally heaven, earth and hell were all celestial realms?
9) Could it be that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were not computer experts but just front men for the CIA?
10) Do you think it would be good if people woke-up and realized that the lotteries are all fixed?
11) Could it be that the Temple of Athena in Nashville Tennessee also called the Nashville Parthenon is not a recent replica of the one in Greece but has been there for many hundreds of years and is the sole remaining building of a huge complex?
12) Is it possible that the Seattle underground as well as other underground city networks are from a prior culture that were wiped out by energy weaponry in the early 1800’s?
13) Could it be that our universe is actually very small and is embellished and surrounded in highly charged plasma and humans as well as all other life are electrical in nature?
14) Do you know that anything you say on facebook or any other social media goes to your personality file at the CIA databank in Utah and when the time comes this will determine whether you are sent to a FEMA camp?
15) Could the big old stone buildings in cities be much older than ascribed and why do many have huge doorways and entrances built for giants?
16) Could it be that the idea of angels started from plasmoids in a visible ancient polar column in the north and this Axis Mundi was the same as the Biblical Tree of Life?
17) Was the Spiral of Creation a discharge of immense luminous material from the Creator god Saturn that was actually electric currents in plasma which typically form radial streamers and spiraling structures?
18) If commercial airplanes ran on jet fuel stored in their wings wouldn’t they instantly become unstable due to the gasoline sloshing back and forth?
19) Are political elections just an illusion of choice since the richest people own both parties?
20) Is it a good policy not to believe your own eyes when the sun and moon look the same size and appear to be at approximately the same distance but believe the proven liars at NASA when they tell you that the sun is actually 300 times bigger and coincidentally 300 times farther away?
21) Why are there exact replicas of Roman aqueducts in North and South America that in modern times have been used as bridges and might they not be Roman after all but part of a former worldwide culture?
22) Is it more than just a casual connection that Jesus is supposed to have lived 33 years and 33 is the level of a high ranking free mason?
23) If Jesus spoke Greek even to his fellow Jews which various historical authors such as Sabo of Antioch indicate wouldn’t that imply Jesus was at least half Greek?
24) Are the various power outages that are being blamed on sudden high winds and fires magically appearing simultaneously just preparations for a pre-planned blackout?
25) Are the 4 rivers that emanated from the Garden of Eden the same as the 4 winds, 4 arrows and 4 paths of ancient lore and did this form a celestial cross which Mars the Son of God (Saturn) appeared to die on?
26) Is Joel Osteen actually a female and is she also Jewish and does not believe anything of which she preaches?
27) Is Nicole Kidman actually a guy which can be seen from his name kid – man and is taking on the opposite gender common among celebrities?
28) Why is it not hard to see that the incredible polygonal stone walls at Sacsayhuaman and Cusco in Peru were not built by the Inca because they were not capable of constructing them?
29) Did you know that stuttering is trauma based and it is usually inherited from an ancestor who experienced a trauma themselves or who also inherited it from an ancestor and that a person who stutters as a result of their own trauma is atypical?
30) Did you realize that in most all religion and myth the earliest humans as well as animals were herbivores and that even though some animals have adapted to the scarcity of food by becoming omnivorous, humans are still herbivores and digesting animal flesh is very difficult and slow as well as unhealthy?
31) Why can’t people see that President Trump is just an actor pretending to be presidential and his role has been scripted and he does what he is told?
32) Why do people believe the utter foolishness of an Apollo Command Module going 24,200 m/p/h and at that speed being docked by a Lunar Lander going 24,200 m/p/h and in the same vein the complete nonsense of an idea of a Space Station circling a non existent globe at 17,500 m/p/h and being docked by Space Shuttles also going 17,500 m/p/h?
33) Is it possible that the tales of the early explorers in North and South America such as Columbus, John Cabot, Sir Francis Drake, Vasco De Gama, Juan Ponce De Leon, Ferdinand Magellan, Francisco Pizarro and Hernando Cortez are all fiction for the mind controlled?
34) Are you aware that veggie burgers always beat cow burgers in taste tests because plants have a lot more flavor than flesh?
35) Do you know it is possible to communicate with someone telepathically if both parties simultaneously have the other one on their minds?
36) Is the sun moving away slightly and losing some of it’s energy and so now there is a sun simulator placed in front of it which reflects and radiates the light rays with an active lens that mimics the sun?
37) Were the circular windows at old Cathedrals portals for the transmission of energy that was created by the organs?
38) Did you realize it is totally irrational, illogical and even insane to have a continuous worldwide slaughter of innocent animals to consume and filter our nutrients through when we could eat the crops we give to them ourselves and since it takes approximately 15 pounds of plants to get one pound of flesh it would take up a lot less land and we would have a lot more food?
39) Was the cosmic snake with 7 heads that Vishnu sat upon during creation the same thing as the Serpent of Creation associated with Saturn and this event can be described as a plasma discharge which created the 7 rings of Saturn?
40) Could it be that the JFK assassination was faked and is it possible that Jimmy Carter is actually John F. Kennedy?
41) Could it be also that Adolph Hitler’s death was faked and ex German President Angela Merkel is his daughter?
42) Could it be that Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Karen Carpenter, Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Prince and David Bowie were all from well connected families and since their careers were waning and they wanted to get out of the limelight were allowed to fake their deaths? And could Morgan Freeman actually be Jimmy Hendrix?
43) Did you realize Shakespeare was not a real person and that Mozart and Beethoven were credited with works not their own?
44) Did you realize Barack Obama is not who he says he is and is actually the son of Ann Stanley Dunham of one of the riches families in the world?
45) Did you know that souls can be stolen when asleep by simulating the brain wave patterns of an individual and that this technology is used to steal souls from children and insert them into clones?
46) Could it be that the reason Tiger Woods hardly ever missed a chip shot was because he used golf balls with magnets that were attracted to magnets at the hole and this procedure was used before him with Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Lee Trevino on a more limited basis?
47) Do you realize that professional sports now are all fixed to some extent and are starting to be on the same par with professional wrestling?
48) Did you realize that the murder of OJ Simpson’s wife Nicole was a big fabrication and that the whole trial was just a distraction from other real events?
49) Do you think that a reasonably sane person would be against animal abuse but since they are carnists their morals are not aligned with their actions?
50) Did you know that stories such as Jack and the Beanstalk and angels descending or ascending a ladder to heaven are echoes of the past when Mars moved up and down the Axis Mundi which was a visible stream of highly energized plasma and which can still be seen today although at a much less intensity in the Aurora Borealis?
51) Did you know that the long white beard of Santa Claus was originally this Axis Mundi and that it was also called the Milky Way because of it’s brilliant, blazing and luminous white color?
52) Did you know that Venus was the Eye of the ancient Sun God because it was positioned right in front of Saturn and that Mars was the Apple of the Eye because it positioned itself right in front of Venus?
53) You know the idea of galaxies, interstellar travel, and habitable planets are all fantasy to occupy your minds?
54) Could it be that the Carolina Bays and other similar round or elongated depressions in the earth in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska etc. are not from meteor bombardment but the aftermath of an energy weapon attack on the former Tartaria?
55) Is it more than just a coincidence that the country of Tartaria has been acknowledged to end in 1775 a year before the United States of America was founded in 1776?
56) Could it be that the myth of a strongman holding up the world as can be see in Atlas, Hercules, Ares, Thor, Heracles Indra, etc. was actually a close approach of Mars and reflected sunlight in a certain position above the personified planet looked like upraised arms?
57) Were the Dead Sea Scrolls fake and an attempt to vindicate a staged history and to also make tons of money?
58) Was the Spirit of God that moved over the surface of the waters in Genesis the same as the Breath of Atum above the Cosmic Sea in Egyptian lore and since the Hebrew word Rauch which is translated as Spirit can also mean wind could it be the same as the North Wind and since this stream of plasma was transparent was referred to as the Holy Ghost?
59) Would the unnecessary mass suffering and execution of animals for consumption be more the work of the Devil than a Loving God?
60) Since comets seem to always portend calamities, pestilence or the death of kings would it make more sense that they are artificial and manufactured rather a natural event?
61) Was the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 basically high energy attacks to destroy remnant buildings of these Tartarian cities?
62) Does Antarctica actually surround us and is it being kept hidden by the nonsense of a spinning globe?
63) Is there a huge hole at the North Pole that is also being kept hidden where a stream of plasma called the Aurora Borealis that in former times was more intense and luminous and was referred to as the North Wind, Spirit of God or Holy Ghost? And was the reason this ancient more intense Aurora Borealis was referred to as the Holy Ghost was because of it’s transparent nature which even today can be seen in it’s ghost-like apparitions?
64) Is it possible to conjure up departed spirits using electric resonance machines which vibrate energy at certain frequencies that mimic the spirit realm?
65) Was the Wheel in the Sky the ancient ring system which revolved around Saturn and the did the demarcation of Saturn’s moons form the original astrological signs?
66) Was the Jeffrey Epstein trial all theatre because child sex trafficking is partaken in regularly by the majority of the elite and his death was as phony as the fake death of Kenneth Lay of Enron?
67) Are Nano fibers that infiltrate our bodies bieng dumped down on us in Chemtrails?
68) Why has not so-called nuclear fallout from Fukishima reached the Western shores of the United States?
69) If the military kicked out the natives at Bikini Atoll because the area was contaminated by nuclear explosions and high levels of strontium why does the military maintain a presence there?
70) Is uranium in so-called nuclear power plants actually being broken down into Caesium which is easily ionized and all that is needed for it to produce electrons is to hit it with light and this is an inexpensive and powerful source of energy that is being kept secret to keep the masses dependent on Oil Companies?