Elon Musk is pushing living on Mars
Which is impossible
He says travel there will soon be happening

In the Twilight zone episode To Serve Man
People got onboard the spaceship
To visit the home of the tall alien visitors

They did not realize that humans were on the dinner menu

NBA NFL and other pro athletes
Are getting cloned

Y2K is an alchemy code for cloning
Y to K

The reason why Obamacare has not been done away with
Because it makes executions legal
Including beheading

Before music is released by the music industry
Familiar spirits are conjured up to promote it

Songs are written with witch language
Elton John says all of his songs utilize witch language

Entities are electrical beings
Lights will flicker or go out in the presence of an entity

Philippines President Duterte has threatened vaccine decliners
With jail time or forced inoculations

Canada and the United States are aiming to regulate social media
Bill C-10 has made its way to the Senate

But a lot has already been blocked
Through the manipulation of algorithm coding

Approximately 150 million people in the United States have been vaccinated

Cops will soon be replaced by programmed clones
That is why the bill to defund the police was introduced

Code words for the molestation of little girls is called pizza
And little boys are referred to as hot dogs

White masonry is the Rotary Club
Elks Lodge Moose Lodge YMCA and IOOF

Cardi B is a clone
That keeps malfunctioning