The end of the age and the beginning of a new one
Is when the neurons of god meet and exchange electrical currents of information

The earth plane has subterranean flowing currents called ley lines
All life is electrically connected to the earth

When we go barefoot the souls and heels of our feet
Will extract the earths electrons and heal our soul

When we sungaze and sunbathe at appropriate lengths of time
Melatonin gets produced to metabolize the electromagnetic currents
Which get assimilated into every single cell

Light carries a frequency sound wave
Our bodies are natural vehicle to convert sunlight into acceptable frequencies
That instigate a biological chain reaction

Sunlight activates proteins
Ultraviolet and infrared light will penetrate the farthest and are the most healing
The ultraviolet wavelength in the light spectrum was the frequency of our former sun Saturn
This optimum light frequency was the reason for long lives in the former era

Sunglasses toxic sunscreen and rubber soles prevent the absorption of life giving energy

Your mind structures the electric current that you project from your pineal gland
Which is your hologram of morphed sound waves

Your pineal gland is your power source
Because of toxic fluoride being dumped in the water and put in toothpaste
The average American has a hardened and calcified pineal gland by the age of 12 and it gradually becomes dormant
But it can be reactivated by a healthy diet
A detox will remove poisons

As we connect to the earths ley lines
Information is exchanged and stored on the light waves that pulsate through these channels

When the Universal Mind is ready for a data gathering
A portal in the sky above the Axis Mundi or north celestial pole will open
A stream of red light plasma will enter in

A blue beam of light energy from the ley lines in the earth will meet the incoming red plasma
And will become an incandescent transparent white hot filament
Otherwise known as the Holy Ghost

This is the red white and blue of our flag
And is the neural exchange of information
In the Mind of God!