The Essenes taught the power of the mind
And that the heart that knows the ultimate truth

They chose compassion and were vegans
They elevated themselves by strengthening their heart based emotions
Jesus was an Essene

The Gnostics were wizards
They projected their collective vibrational frequencies
And could manifest instantaneous illusions

When you focus on positive emotions and thoughts
It becomes a powerful momentum of vibrational sequences

Positive energy opens portals in the quantum field
Which are doorways to new timelines

This energy becomes infused in other parallel holograms within the structure
Creating chain reactions in sub holograms
And promoting a harmonic resonance of synchronistic reactions

We are now tapping into the 5th dimension
We are constantly fluctuating between the lower 3rd reality and more spiritual 5th dimension

The power of our consciousness is projecting individual realities within the collective structure
As your vibration increases the people in your life will change according to their frequencies
And how they wish to express themselves

You will be pulled into exactly where you need to be to continue ascension
To escape a negative platform and to express a positive outcome

You have a vital role in the collective picture
Most humans are caught up in the current illusionary structure
And have a hard time matching with coherent resonance the new 5d system

Words are sound waves that become geometric holograms
When you express yourself in the positive toward all life
You create a more positive world

You have the power to switch negative interactions into positive ones
By changing your thoughts and emotions
And projecting a positive outcome!