We live in a computer simulation
And we think it is our reality

There are multiple layers of simulation
Like a high tech video game

The sun simulator is used to capture the suns energy
To help power the computer
Which is a vast and complex hologram
That delivers billions of operations per second

This allows people to transfer their consciousness
Into the simulation
Which is a projection of stored information

The truth is being kept from us
To keep our mind in a delusional world
Which is like a science experiment

And similar to a dream

We can reprogram our minds
And branch off into an alternative world

The sensations of everyday life
Which flow from nerve endings
Of the brain and elsewhere
Also help empower the supercomputer

The frequencies of our experience
Trigger digital codes of our DNA
Which is our genetic memory

Numbers then define our existence

Codes awaken the mind
Which is made up of hundreds of billions of neurons
That relay electrical signals

With synapses connecting them all

Our minds are much more powerful than we think!