Our universe is a thought projection in the mind of God
Where physical structure and mental projection coexist

We are fractals of the Divine with our own free will
Experiencing our own thoughts and the limitless possibilities of realities

We are nodes of information in the Universal Mind
We are bioelectrical data sources that holographically project potential outcomes

When you learn the secrets of the universe and its natural processes
You can manipulate your holographic reality that you project onto the quantum field
By producing the proper resonance and imagery

The quantum structure consists of geometrical and mathematical sound waves
That produce particles of plasma light frequencies called photons
Plasma is produced when 3 atomic particles align and merge their collective vibrational energy

On a higher scale when 3 planets or stars align they produce powerful vibrational sequences
The 3 stars of Orion is a massive energy source

In the former age the 3 stars in the Belt of Orion
Were 3 celestial orbs in the northern congregation of planets

The Belt of Orion was the Axis Mundi or Jacobs Rod
It was also the staff of Moses
Orion Jacob Moses were personifications of Mars

The Pleiades were 7 celestial bodies magnetically drawn to the same structure
They were nymphs of Artemis who was also Mars
Zeus Poseidon Ares engaged in affairs with the 7 nymphs
What was described as sexual activity among the gods were electrical discharges

The Book of Job says
Can you bind the sweet influences of Pleiades
Or loose the bonds of Orion

The 3 celestial orbs of Orion glittered in the frosty dark
Like a string of pearls or sapphires in the airy zone of giants
The giants were the Titans or planetary gods hovering close above the earth plane

They were the 3 Marys or the Las Tres Marias
And also the 3 Kings or 3 Magi

They are commonly referred to as 3 Sisters in Native lore
The oldest sister was a dark green
She was Venus or Mary

3 rock formations in the Jamison Valley in Australia
As well as 3 basalt upwellings in SE Washington State
And 3 mountain peaks in Oregon
Are all considered by natives to be the 3 sisters turned to stone

Myth and religion all have a common source
Which is the theatre of the sky
In the not too distant past

When the magnetic attraction of the north celestial pole diminished
The planets wondered off
And a new age began

The names of the former close heavenly bodies
Were reassigned as fixed stars and constellations
In the domed firmament!

We await the reawakening of the Universal Mind!