Our universe is a cell
We live in a globe
Not on one

A plasma tube runs through the center
Which forms a double torus

The double torus can be likened to an hourglass
The plasma flowing through it is the sands of time

Our flat earth plane is a toroid at the halfway point of the torus
It is separated by different frequencies forming at least 12 realms or timelines of reality

The toroid is like a sponge
And is called the hollow earth
There are other life forms living underneath us

The plasma dome barrier is the membrane of the cell
It has wormholes or portals which are conduits to other dimensions

We have another smaller artificial confinement dome or frequency fence over us
Created by a race of beings from another realm

There is a hole in the sky or o-zone at the top of the plasma tube
It has a flip ring or choke ring to contain the plasma

At certain intervals there is an inhalation of plasma
A pulse enters the window or door of heaven
And the hole gets blown open

According to the alternating charge influx
The sun and planets will either drift towards the plasma tube or away from it

When they drift towards the plasma tube the sky turns a deep purple
The plasma tube becomes the holy place or Holy Spirit
The planets brighten and become gods

A thick fog surrounds the plasma tube
And it becomes a cloud by day and fire by night

Positively charged hydrogen ions come down and bond with oxygen making H2O
The water floods the earth and creates inland seas

Ocean volumes increase and take over the outer rim of land masses
That is why there are megalithic structures underwater

When they drift away from the plasma tube it creates a Fimbul winter
The apocalypse between 1811 and 1817 had a Fimbul winter
It was at this time the Arctic and Antarctic ice fields were created

Pentecost is the day of the Holy Spirit
When the burning sword in the north appears

Which is the terrible bloody sword or sickle of the Grim Reaper
That seems to touch the earth from the zenith of the heavens

Flames rise from the ground and reach up
Like a bright opposing army

Darkness and tremors last for 3 days
Everyone stares into the same sky
Watching tumbling flakes of fire in a round mass of light

They see the great gap in the firmament
With a surrounding corona

And think it is the end of the world!