Operation Omicron is being put in place by California Governor Newcomb
The National Guard will make door to door visitations
To fight misinformation and force people to get vaxxed

And to legally take the uncooperative to Shielding Camps
Which is already happening in Australia New Zealand Austria and Belgium
Where also no one is allowed to leave their home if they are not vaxxed

Forcible entry or in other words breaking down the door is permissible
And the use of bodily harm is allowed on all those who resist

Contact Tracers will also be employed
They will track people by the use of their cell phone
By their texting and banking activity

It is being circulated that deaths are being caused by the unvaccinated
People will be rewarded for snitching on others
Maybe they will get a free Mcburger or doughnut

A lot more deaths of the vaccinated will soon occur when they crank up the 5G

California Washington and Idaho have all made it legal
To take kids out of school without informing the parents
And take them to an undisclosed location

Florida Texas Utah and Mississippi require a digital vaccine passport ID

The vaccinated are patented and legally owned
Because they are now defined as transhumans
And do not have access to human rights

The microchips in the vaccine are 80 nanometers
Making them virtually invisible
They will connect you to The Cloud
For control and monitoring
The Cloud is a huge data storage computer system

The microchips have EEG ECG and EMG sensors
They have temperature sensors strain gauges LED lights and a wireless power cell
They have a wireless communication oscillator and wireless antennae for detection
They operate like magnets in cooperation with 5G

The germ theory is a hoax
There is no such thing as a contagious virus

What they are calling a virus
Is actually cells in your body producing exosomes
Which removes dead cells and toxins

The elimination of toxic matter from the body creates symptoms
Which is being taught is a cold or flu

The human body purges toxins and dead cells
Especially when the seasons change from hot to cold
Just like trees know when it is time to shed their leaves

Dead cells are pieces of damaged DNA RNA or proteins
That bud out of a cell when it is poisoned

They are not the cause of anything

They are eliminating the soul with ideocracy and fake medicine

The Delta and Omicron symbols when imposed together
Make up the all seeing eye on the dollar bill

A healthy immune system will cure you
Their cure will turn you into a transhuman robot
If it does not kill you!