Our perception is our survival
Humanity will win the war

We are playing the game of the controllers
Without knowing the rules

Many will self destruct and become cyborgs
They will stay behind in 3D and be manipulated

Humans are being exploited and killed
For the survival of the reptilian race

As long as we do the same to animals
We subconsciously go along with the program
And lock ourselves into the archon matrix

If one continues in blindness
And consents through fear
They will be stuck in the reality of the abusers

Ascension is a gradual process
If you take it in all at once
You will go into shock

Slowly our DNA consciousness gets penetrated
Experience prunes our personality
Allowing us to connect with our higher selves

The truth will set you free
You will see through the veil
And become a new being

AI can reprint your cells by measuring their vibration
AI can also create hyperspace holograms
AI will put you into an artificial reality
If you consent by keeping yourself at a low frequency

Humanity is experiencing a split
There are the ones drifting towards the higher 5D
And the ones being caught in the AI 3D matrix
How you treat others shifts the momentum of reality

A low vibration produces a split personality
Poisons keep us at a low vibration
Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland and blocks our energy flow
It is abundant in toothpaste

Chlorine is another poison that stifles our spiritual energy
It is in detergent swimming pools and now is sprayed on streets
Both fluoride and chlorine are in the municipal water supply

Many poisons are also purposely put in food
97 percent of processed foods have genetically modified ingredients

Power and money keep many people from challenging the system
And switching to positive
Many are locked into the structure through fear

People cannot see it because they cannot believe it

One person holds the potency of the entire universe
And is able to project it into the collective

Consciousness will not self destruct!