Gingko Bioworks is a biotech company
That creates artificial intelligent nanobots
Which modify human cells

Their stock symbol is DNA
DNA is the building blocks of cells

Gingko Bioworks is a modern day Frankenstein
That manufactures synthetic organisms
Which genetically modify people

They program cells like a computer is programmed

Gingko is going into every school
And after every human

Schools are getting millions of dollars
To implant these nanobots into children
Which are on the tip of the nose swabs

Swabs are not a test system
They are a delivery system

The nanobots are like a star shaped worm with thera grippers
That latch onto the intestinal mucosa of the nose

They are micro aluminum machines called Illumina
The word Illumina refers to the Illuminati

They digitally engineer human genome
With sensors communication oscillators and antennae

They have LED lights and power coils

Once they are in the nose they spread
Into the brain chest colon and rectum
And throughout the body

A nanobot with sharp razorblades is what killed over 200 European soccer players

Gingko is a tree whose leaves are consumed for memory

Gingko Bioworks partners with Berkley Lights
Who has developed cell screening
That can re sequence the genome

Using Crispr technology
They cut out and insert DNA
To modify humans into a desired product

Making them transhuman
With no human rights
Because they are patented and owned

Their genes can be remotely switched on and off

Babylon Health has received 2 billion dollars from the Gates Foundation
To push these chipped swabs in the schools
Which is happening right now

Over half the kids in California are not in school
Because they do not trust the school system

Senators and The Congress are heavily invested in these companies and are making millions

Germ theory is a lie to induce fear panic trauma and control
Our health is determined by what we eat and drink
By what we think and say
And by exercise and vibration