Because the human species cannot remember who they are
And where they came from
They have adopted a false identity given to them by the invaders

This confusion gets recorded in the consciousness fields
And are organized into spectrums of frequency
That form time dimensions or timelines

Humans co create these frequency fields
That make up the collective consciousness
And the content for human expression

There is software machinery placed in the collective consciousness fields
That control the direction of timelines by controlling what is fed into them

Most people are unable to distinguish between organic and artificial timelines
As a result their DNA gets unplugged
And they operate with a negative ego
Playing out victim victimizer scenarios

Then because humans are unable to feel for their victim
They will have to experience a similar situation as a victim in their next life
In order for their soul to understand and grow
Hunters will become the hunted

They must comprehend that we are energetically connected to all life
This may take repeated lifespans

As we encompass the conscious existence of all life
It opens the door to multidimensional consciousness
And we will recognize we coexist in a universe with much diversity of life
Connected together by streams of sentience

This will discard the superimposed impersonal matrix of the lower realm
We will then gain access to our soul
And remember other lives and use that knowledge
This is called Morphogenesis

We are the nerve cells of the consciousness of the Earth
We exist as cellular memories of our world
Which is recorded in our nervous system

When our bio neurology is hacked it disconnects us from our emotions and our soul
And interferes with our capacity to ascend

Pharmaceuticals ELF waves genetic manipulation poisons in the environment and in our food and water
Consumption of animal products vaccinations indoctrination of false belief systems transhumanism
Are all discordant to our metaphysical nature
And harmful to our life force

Our bodies are a webbing of energetic receivers and transmitters
Higher heart functions activate the thymus gland
Which produce hormones that connect body and soul

Our body and soul must be harmonized in the correct frequencies
So that our DNA encoded messages can be holographically projected

When neurobiological functioning has reversed or confused brain signals
It causes them to feel pleasure while inflicting pain

The neuroplasticity of the brain allows us to correctly rewire it
That lead to appropriate and positive responses

Mirror neurons fire as we observe others
Forming mental maps
Causing us to subconsciously mimic what we see

That is why television is the most effective mind control system

Mirror neurons also enable us to sense and feel vibrations of others
This love vibration is the fabric that connects us to others
Which enriches our soul and increases our aura
Making us capable of putting ourselves in other peoples shoes

We will have evolved when can sense the sorrow of every living being
And understand what it is like to be in extreme states of cruelty

Suffering does not disappear at death
But remains with the soul of all living creatures
And in the sentient energy field

Morality is a Universal Truth
And to disobey it results in the persons own spiritual deformity!