It will at some point
Be admitted the DNA will be changed
By the vaccine

But it will be said
It will be for the effectiveness
Of the body battling viruses

Many people will ponder
If they should take it

But will eventually succumb
To herd mentality

And they will demand a quick easy fix
Like some drug addict

And will later be given
The micro needle array patch
Which does not need refrigeration

Celebrities who have been propped up
And made famous with a big following

Will now be told
It is pay back time

They will be required
To use their influence
And persuade the masses
To comply and take the vaccine

Along with the paid disinformation TV broadcasters
Plus social influencers on the internet
And trusted authorities such as
And teachers

Will tell people
To go to their local CVS or Walgreens
And get their Corona virus vaccine

This psychological influence
Will be artfully used to

Manipulate the World!