Saint Corona is the Catholic patroness of plagues and diseases

But smallpox has always been the favorite means of genocide
For its high fatalities and easy transmutability

The Gold Rush is a misnomer
It was more of a land grab that gave settlers $300.00 for every native person they killed
This included the white Tartarians

Most African Americans are not from Africa
They are native to North America
And were called the Copper Culture

The slave trade did exist
But it was mostly the native people who got enslaved

They want us to believe that 7 million Africans
Were so afraid of a few muskets being pointed at them
That they did not resist the smaller Europeans

The slave traders were not European per se they were mostly Jewish

The 1918 Spanish Flu was not Influenza or Typhoid
It was Smallpox

The injected it into the soldiers who spread it abroad
It eventually killed at least 20 million people

The 1940s Polio Outbreak was also Smallpox
It was part of a big cancer shot promoted by Jonas Salk
Who was as much of a Quack as Dr. Fauci

Fauci means sickle
As in the sickle of the Grim Reaper

An estimated 98 million were given the fake Polio vaccine
Causing widespread death and crippling

Smallpox has been used to eradicate entire populations
It eliminated 90 percent of the Native people in America
Smallpoxed blankets were given to the Native Americans in the 1800s

There is a series of 162 recorded massacres in the Native American genocide
The Freemasons were behind it
Brigham Young being a high ranking Freemason was in on it
And estimated 8 million Natives died

Cities of white people were targeted also
Los Angeles had repeated smallpox outbreaks in the 1800s
They had a smallpox wagon called The Black Maria
That picked up an average of 15 victims a day in 1862
Hauling them off to the Pesthouses
Which is a term given to the makeshift hospitals

The Conquest and mass genocide of Central and South America by a handful of Spaniards
Was also accomplished with smallpox

The United States and Russia are the only countries that store smallpox
And they hold vast amounts

A 2001 military exercise called Dark Winter
Simulated a smallpox epidemic

And now they are saying
Smallpox has been found in Africa
And is spreading rapidly!