If you look carefully at the athletes in professional sports
You will notice that many of them act in tandem
They are in sync like robots

That is because most all of them have been cloned
And they are responding to external commands

It is now common practice for famous people including athletes to be cloned
Then the real person is done away with

Everyone though is being turned synthetic to some degree
It is estimated that we are eating the equivalent of a credit card every week
Foods are being more and more composed of synthetic material
Especially at fast food places

We breathe in material and are being injected with chemicals to make us more synthetic
To make us like a basketball player who can be controlled externally

We then are also easily fed upon by the spiritual powers of wickedness in the high places
These archons use our bio photons or loosh energy to sustain themselves and grow

They are now in the newly created lower plasma fields
Which contains non terrestrial black goo or dark matter

The plasma is created by electromagnetic frequency waves
That adds or removes electrons

When we act as humans our inner light system is strengthened
As we act with compassion to others which includes animals our aura expands
All life has value and when we resonate with them our spiritual being is amplified
You cannot love animals and eat them at the same time

When we act in unison to the laws of our universal holographic templates
We develop our inner stargate

Adenosine triphosphate or ATP is then augmented in our cells
Which is created from the sugar ribose
That is produced by the fruit sugar glucose

Divine illumination of our personality is when Source Energy activates the ATP
Which generates intracellular light
And elevates us to a new level of consciousness

We are multi dimensional beings with the capability to access higher dimensions
To be aligned with the God Source
And have heart felt compassion for all life
Without which we are not fully human

Eating animals is an act of disconnection
When we are aligned to the God Source
We are aligned with eternal life

Your core essence is your soul
You cannot be a soulful person when you participate
In the pain and suffering of other souls whether human or animal

Dignity sincerity and honesty are hallmarks of a developed soul
The magnification of your inner life light energy
Will affect your outer appearance

It will realign your entire fascia of connective tissue
And improve your looks!