People on TV look like they have just walked off the assembly line
From some underground factory

Mark Zuckerberg is definitely not human
His now famous quote:
Of course its going to bother you because you are human
And I was once human

Elon Musk is definitely not human
Joe Bidon is definitely not human

Watch the robot Bidon glitch as he talks in a fake White House setting

Everyone in power positions are either not human
Or part human with a reptilian mindset

At this stage it is hard to determine who is really human
But cyborgs are now running the show

Microbiologists have been taken out
Because they would know the Covid Pandemic is fake

It is admitted that 29 scientists were killed at a lab in Japan
By 4 AI weaponized robots

The percentage of people who are not human
Is growing all the time

In the upper echelon of government
Probably 8 or 9 out of 10 are not human

It is becoming a game of numbers
And they know that you are not one of them

The tide is turning against us
And the AI agenda is being cemented in our realm

Because of our addiction to cell phones
People will think having a cell phone in the brain is the next logical step

When our assimilation takes place
We will be controlled by AI
And its cyborgs

But they cannot take us any further
Until we have been upgraded to transhumanism 2.0

The race is on to get us all injected
To fill us with nano technologies

To put us in a holographic digital matrix
A laser tech quantum reality
And computer simulation run by AI

Keep an independent mind
And do not roll up your sleeve
And take the vax!