The eyes of Joe Bidon are pitch black and creepy
If you look at the neck of Dr. Fauci
You can see that he is wearing a mask

These are not human

Obama and Trump have been typically pictured with horns above their head
That are in the background

Politics is a big show
There are no elections
They are all high level Freemasons
Many of which have been taken over by Reptilian entities

They have been taken over by the reptilian probiscis
They then become members of the Black Eye Club
Because the probiscis temporarily leaves the eye black as it enters the body

After Bidon is done away with
Kamala Harris will be President
She will put Obama as vice president
This will happen very soon

Trump will be the one who fixes the economy after the upcoming crash
By mandating the micro needle array patch
All the jabs a person has gotten will mean nothing

As the war heats up there will be a fake virus outbreak
And everyone will be in lockdown until they take the patch
Which will be mailed to everyone

A powerful signal will be sent through the cell towers
That commands laptops cell phones motor vehicles and all electronics
To erase their programs
This is the so called EMP event

Judging from the Super Bowl halftime show it looks like LA will be hit
The Los Angeles Rams are the sacrificial lambs

This is also the Year of the Tiger
Where China will invade South Korea

Dollar General stores will become holding facilities

The script of Revelations is being followed
They are called the Scriptures because they are a script

Trump will play the part of the Anti Christ

The plasma screen sky along with acoustics
And frequencies from optical free space communications
Will deceive the masses with a Second Coming

And put them in a trance!