The new Covid 19 vax has an upgrade
It comes with an implantable micro chip

It is a pluton processor chip which is supposed to reduce symptoms
It also heightens awareness because it will direct communication
Between the brain and the digital world

Also if we say we want to be connected to a certain person it will happen
No need for emails anymore

There is also now a computer chip for the eye that lets everything you are experiencing
Be seen and heard by people who want to monitor you 24/7

Everything you experience can then be uploaded onto a digital micro chip

The goal is to keep your consciousness in cyberspace or The Cloud through 5G
Stage 1 was to get us totally dependent on cell phones

Nano bots are not only in the vaccines and the air from chemtrails
But also now in our food and water

The elite are obsessed with transhumanism
Because they want to escape their karma

Their reptilian handlers want us fully controlled
So that we are an inexhaustible source of light energy for their existence in our realm

We are in the 5th post Atlantean epoch illusion
The human can only obtain spiritual freedom and resist evil forces
By expanding their soul

We must penetrate this harmful and destructive deception with our consciousness
And not just flee from it

When one thinks every problem in this material world
Is solved by a materialistic outlook
They are just groping in phantasmagoria
Which dries up the ethereal body

With the ultimate result of Archonic attachments

Spiritual science is the elixir of life

When spiritual knowledge is absorbed
Healing forces are also absorbed!