You can manipulate the molecular structure of water by your thoughts
In that same way you can manipulate your existence

The fractal momentum of your consciousness
Downloads the frequency resonance of a particular timeline

In order to pull yourself out of the artificial matrix
You have to choose on a daily basis to accumulate new frequencies

Your diet is fundamental
If you realize that by eating animals you are contributing to their suffering and genocide
And still do so
You will hold a very strong negative vibration

Eliminate one animal gradually until your molecular structure
Spins at a rate where it can function without them

Going vegan eating healthy and doing detox has been instrumental for me
In pushing through the veil of deception
And creating a positive outcome of synchronicities

A new vibrational code will penetrate your consciousness and create a new frequency sequence
These vibrational codes are like numbers in computer algorithms but with geometric patterns

Plug in a new hertz light of a heart based code to switch the fractal matrix of existence
Every hologram has its own code and geometry
Every frequency is a continuation of thought and thought based emotions

The brain absorbs codes which are numbers linked with meaning
It will then process the numbers and respond
And the vibrational field will mimic what you are thinking

Codes will also activate the dormant strands of your DNA
If a persons DNA is fully functional they will not have to exit this world through death

Accept how others choose to express themselves
But choose the frequency that allows the best expression of yourself
Of who you really are

Consciousness is moving to a higher level
Know that the world is splitting into positive and negative platforms

The artificial matrix is not sustainable and will collapse
The energy will go back to Source

To get out of the matrix a soul has to accumulate new frequencies
Your heart will lead you

If you let it!