It is said there are three types of gray aliens
A gray alien posing as a woman
Is called a Siwa

The child star Jo Jo Siwa
Is a gray alien

A manufactured human being
Has all the characteristics of a human
Flesh hair blood and skin
But not a genuine emotion
Except greed and disgust

There is an emptiness behind their eyes

Serpent seeds are created
And kept in a suspended sleep

Before they become synthetics
They are in a cryogenic lucid dream
A state of suspended frozen stasis

They are given a character
And are released from their lucid dream
Into the material world

They sometimes have a hard time
Determining what is real
And what is hallucinated

They have the mask of sanity
But are always on the verge of slipping
And live in a constant lucid dream loop

The world computer
Will also be the universal mind

And will also blur the lines
Between reality and artificial reality

Called the Sentient World Simulation
It will be a neural network
And people will be nodes in the computer

Celebrity arrests are staged
It is symbolic of reprogramming

Deaths are also fake
They are to harvest energy
Off of your sympathy

Turning the celebrity
Into an immortalized god

Human affairs are being watched
From the timeless realm

We are being scrutinized
As someone studies creatures
That swarm and multiply
In a drop of water

Envious eyes drew up their plans against us

We are in a vibrational war
A dull low vibration will be attacked

Our universe was created to raise our vibration

Imagination and intention are the keys
To unlock this reality
And raise your vibration

Go in to go without

We projected ourselves into this simulation
To gain information by experiencing it first hand

Reality is changing into the Aquarian Age
And Star Seeds are waking up!