Black holes are supposed to be created from the collapse of an old star where not anything not even light can escape it’s attraction. And once matter has crossed the event horizon it remains a prisoner forever. The trapped matter and energy then is supposed to have no volume while space and time inside a black hole becomes warped.
Black Holes are said to be invisible to optical telescopes and so none have ever been observed.
What is seen and pronounced as black holes have been just x-ray spots that flicker.
As telescopes get more powerful rotating accretion disks and jets are seen emanating from these x-ray spots.
Astronomers focus their large high powered infrared and x-ray telescopes on what they say are galactic cores.
They then pronounce that Super Massive Black Holes are hiding in 95% of them.
The most studied galactic cores are in what is claimed to be our closest neighbors Andromeda (M31) and Triangulum (M33).
Actually they are just groups of bright stars. All stars are relatively about the same distance from us and are only a few thousand miles away.
Sagittarius A is claimed to be the central plasmoid residing at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.
These galactic centers are just stars which are annodes and cathodes storing electrical power embedded in an extremely strong electric field where particles are accelerated at exceedingly high speeds after they are discharged.
In other words stars are encased in the nearby plasma dome.
The placement of different groups of stars at billions of miles away is just pure fantasy.
Astronomers have to endorse a model of endless space or they will be excommunicated.
Material consisting of gas and dust is said to orbit a black hole faster and faster until it crosses and falls into the event horizon which also has never been observed.
The radiation that is causing the x-rays at these galactic cores is synchrotron radiation not thermal radiation.
Synchrotron radiation is extremely high energy electrons circulating in an electric field at high speeds emitting energy at x-ray wavelength.
When x-rays are seen it means electrons are being transmitted and the source is electricity and the gas and dust is plasma.
What is being looked at is ionized plasma because at these high X-ray temperatures electrons will leave the nucleus causing the atoms to become ionized.
Columned jets can only be explained as electrical currents because gas will disperse.
Only a high energy electric discharge could concentrate plasma into threadlike channels.
The rays are said to extend for many light years which can exceed the distance between our sun and our nearest star Alpha Proxima.
The reality of existence in our plasma cell is that stars are only thousands if not only hundreds of miles away from each other.
Millions or billions of miles between stars in empty space is just fantasy elevated to fact.
These jets also have knotted balls of plasmoids which can be likened to scaled up ball lightning.
Only electrical forces can generate spinning toroid ring currents which are referred to as rotating accretion disks.
Astronomers try to save the theory by saying these emanations flowing away from the black hole are the result of gas escaping from molecular collisions.
They say stars traveling too close to a black hole cause gravitational tides which produce flowing matter and x-rays.
In order to understand astronomy you have to realize that what is being put forth as science are lies meant to conceal the truth and delude the public.
It is a game in which an astronomer must explain everything inside accepted parameters.
But they are also allowed to make things up in order to push reality even farther away from the common person.
They have changed their story and now say that matter and energy is not only going into a back hole but matter and energy are also coming out and away from them.
But no one can see the Black Hole or the Event Horizon. Only the jet and accretion disk is seen.
The fantasy gets even wilder as astronomers say that Sagittarius A is a Super Massive Black Hole that is tearing stars apart and throwing the debris into space at 10,000 km/sec forming huge planet sized objects.
An electrically powered universe is anathema to astronomers because that means they could not make up many of their outlandish tales.
They cannot endorse the actual reality of a small enclosed universe because then they would have to do away all their wild claims which they have been espousing for over a hundred years.
The rotation rate of stars at the edge of spiral galaxies is the same speed as stars revolving near the center of the galaxy. Spiral structures extending from the arms of barred-spiral galaxies do not align with the plane of the galaxy.
The spin rate of stars is just the response to it’s surrounding electrical influence most notably the celestial center in which all stars revolve around.
Gravity cannot account for galaxy formation.
So dark matter and dark energy are invented to explain electrical phenomena not obeying the laws of gravity.
Another misinterpreted occurrence is when a star is emanating flashes of light incredibly fast.
This is said to be a black hole rotating very rapidly.
If an oscillating star is said not to be a black hole it is explained as a pulsar which is supposed to be a high powered neutron star.
There is no such thing as a neutron star because an atomic nucleus of neutrons is impossible since it is unstable and would decay into the correct ratio of neutrons and protons to achieve equilibrium.
Pulsars should be explained as stars receiving a high influx of electrical energy causing them to radiate electrons in quick successive intervals.
They are not stars rotating at unimaginably high speeds.
The rate of outbursts decline after an initial peak suggesting the pulses are the result of a sudden burst of power such as a cosmic lightning strike at millions of electron volts.
In their zealous attempt to confirm the existence of black holes the shenanery takes on a religious fervor as astronomers resort to supernatural physics and also use mathematical fantasies dividing the apparent energy by a speculated gravitational force which approaches zero.
They are also now using black holes as the cause for the spin of galaxies and for the emission of cosmic rays and high quantities of light.
What they are doing is avoiding plasma physics.
They are working within a phony model which intentionally means to mislead and deceive.
They try to make a case for the false notion that stars can collapse in and on themselves.
And suddenly take on a terrible aspect becoming these horrible monsters in the sky consuming everything around them.
The Big Bang and Expanding Universe has been proved false by connections between high redshift quasars and low redshift galaxies. Black holes are just another made-up fallacy which is being taught as fact.
Redshift is supposed to be an indicator of distance.
The higher the redshift the farther out the object is said to be.
The farther out it is said to be the faster the receding velocity is claimed to be.
So it is taught that high redshift objects are at the edge of an endless universe moving away from us at millions of miles per hour.
Since quasars are seen to be connected to what are taught to be nearby objects the whole scheme falls apart.
In many cases even when the connection is not totally apparent the contours of the quasar is elongated toward a nearby active galaxy.
Quasars then are not unimaginably huge objects at the far reaches of the universe receding at unimaginably fast rates.
And redshift is not an indicator of distance but is in fact an intrinsic quality.
And if the universe is not expanding no Big Bang is needed to start the non-existent initial expansion.
So just like black holes these other ideas as well as most of astronomy should be relegated to the realm of science fiction.
We are taught that we are on a small planet at an obscure place in the universe orbiting the sun inside it’s heliosphere.
The lies continue and preach that our solar system is orbiting a local cluster of stars.
This local cluster is said to orbit a globular cluster of millions of stars.
This globular cluster is purported to orbit the galactic center. Which is claimed to be Sagittarius A in the Milky Way.
It is then alleged that our galaxy is orbiting a local group of galaxies.
This local group of galaxies then is asserted to orbit a supercluster of galaxies.
And were all supposed to be zooming through space at thousands of miles per hour.
Towards some fictional center of the superclusters.
All this and spinning round and round on a globe at the same time.
One can either accept this nonsense and live a virtual reality.
Or believe what they are actually experiencing.
Which is we are on a motionless plane and the nearby stars above us are revolving around the celestial axis.