Our frequency determines how energy will be manifested into physical matter
The deceptive negative ego is the anti life architecture our culture is built upon

As our frequency rises a wave of energetic polarity will resonate through us
And a divine orchestra will play us a beautiful musical composition

The notes and scales of which are set into frequencies of mathematical patterns
That arrange a variety of light sound and color

It will permeate throughout all the octaves of dimensionalization
And ascend us beyond this holographic reality

We will authentically resonate heart based energy
And achieve coherence with our inner light source

We will command our sovereignty freedom and personal space
And self determine our destiny
Removing ourselves from the mind control matrix

In ancient times Prana was showered down through the Tree of Life
Giving us a silicon based form

Silicon crystallizes as a diamond shaped cube
And has an atomic number of 14

We had eight more electrons protons and neutrons in our atomic structure
Gnostic texts revere 888

Now we are carbon based
And have 6 electrons protons and neutrons
Or 666 which is the number of the Beast

Graphene is a form of carbon
It is composed of tightly packed carbon atoms in a 2D honeycomb lattice

Graphene is electrically highly conductive
And can bond with other atoms

Carbon based graphene has been inserted into humans via the hydrogel in the Covid shot
It has been remodeled to produce light reactive proteins and genetically modified cells
In other words this micro graphene is self assembling nano bots

It will allow the interface of our neural networks with the Beast System
This is biotechnology or transhumanism

These graphene nano bots can electrically record our neurons
And thus our neural thought patterns

They are activated by frequency technology

This is a very disturbing Orwellian mind control scenario

We are all already transhuman to some extent
And are being upgraded into a new phase

A third temple is being added into the human host
Adding 22 more base pairs in our atomic structure
Giving us 66
Which is the 322 of Skull and Bones
3×2 and 3×2 = 66

Detoxifying clays such as Bentonite or French Green clay is very advisable
There are also expensive Faraday hoods and blankets
To protect us from external radiation

Plasma also has detoxifying effects and can purify our cells

We are manifestations of God
And we will need a high vibration
To incorporate the instruction sets
Of Divine Energy!