In Genesis 2 5-6 it says that there was no rain
And water came up from beneath the surface and watered the ground
This can be explained by the electrical charge in the upper atmosphere

The atmosphere was thick with a dense fog
Being an electric dipole molecule water gets pulled up as vapor

When the upper atmosphere is highly charged
It will not fall back to the ground as rain

The cyclical interpolation of plasma electrified our world
Especially the upper atmosphere by the plasmasphere or ionosphere

As the charge starts to increase and plasma begins to infiltrate our realm
The voltage gradient of the earth intensifies to counteract it

This will at first pull the water down into the earth
As we can see from the Mississippi River which can hardly now sustain navigation
The Euphrates River and the Colorado River are other examples

When the incoming charge reaches a sufficient level
The north polar column which is an electrical stream of ionized atoms or plasma
Will shoot up out of the ground in a display of electrical brilliance

This formed the ladder to heaven
And the Tree of Life with the winding serpent or Caduceus

As the voltage increased it would revolve or churn
This was the flaming sword of Genesis 3 22
That turned every direction to guard the way to the Tree of Life

Hyperborea means unusually energetic bar
Which is the electromagnetic north pole

The positive and negative electrodes connected to the central column and formed an arc
This is the Ark of the Covenant

The salt in the salt water would be ionized
The NaCl would mix with the hydrogen gas of H2O and form chlorine
This is the venomous fumes of the serpent Vasuki

The Arctic Ocean is a shallow ocean and will dry up
Animals will migrate north to follow the electrical charge

Humans will also migrate there
The Gamal of the Freemasons which is the north pole means the meeting place

Because of the electrical charge at the north pole the planets drifted there
And formed the Assembly of God

As the charge in the upper atmosphere fluctuated and dissipated Mars and Venus especially would drift down the pole
Because of the renewed conditions when Mars drifted down the hero god became the Savior of the World
The Christian religion is patterned after the behavior of Mars in ancient times

The red light or purple dawn of creation
Gave way to a yellowish light or Golden Age

Because of rejuvenated health and the abundance that now was in the world
It became the Golden Rule to treat everyone nice!