There will be a reporting of a cyber attack
All over the news

The writing is on the wall

The fake war will go on without a whimper or a bang

There will be a fake famine and the price of food will skyrocket
As will the price of gasoline
Even though we have an estimated 47 years of oil reserves

We are being watched by technology
And our every move is being tracked

Dielectric lenses are broadcasting frequencies in LED lights
Which are being masqueraded as energy saving bulbs
But they are actually a part of a weapon system

They are slowly amping up the 5G
If they did it quickly we would drop like flies

Once the 5G is at full mode
The reptilian apocalypse will manifest

Archons will become more apparent

The milli gauss of Wifi is creating an electric field of dangerous levels
They are already in the avoid extended stay range

The dielectric lenses are being used for facial recognition
In the AI quantum supercomputer

They shoot a laser beam of over 1000 milli watts directly at you
Which is over 10 times the safe peak amount

They are creating electromagnetic fields in various geographical locations
With specific frequencies to induce moods and affect mental states

This will be a big part of the upcoming fake war

Cities are now a massive engineering experiment

Seattle is being hit hard
Homelessness is rampant
The cause of which is being blamed on mental sickness

Negativity abounds
But in certain blocks like where Microsoft or Amazon are located
There is a different vibration

Seattle has become an extreme example
Of the well off and the have nots

The herd is being thinned
The sheep are being led to the slaughter

If you are not taking the Shot
Then you will be a TI or targeted individual

The internet will go down
And people will be put in chaos

Banks are preparing for the cyber attack

People are falling for the psyop
And are being drawn into a war that is not even real

They need the consent of the people
Through a fake war and a fake famine
To absolve themselves of accountability

They manipulate us to do the killing ourselves

Then after the economic reset
People will beg for them to bring in
Their New world Order!