Black goo is oil mixed with harvested DNA
And it becomes programmable dark matter

Shadow people are beings in black matter
Looking for a human host to cling onto and possess

Robotic humanoids or cyborgs are aliens in disguise
They bathe in this dark matter

It is being injected into people via the vaccines
It is activated by negative energy and corrupts the individual

Black Lives Matter has a hidden meaning
And the slogan is being used to energetically promote dark matter

Cyborgs laugh when humans get injected with it
Many cyborgs are famous people pretending they are not from another realm

The Black Awakening will be the unleashing of robotic humanoids inhabited by entities

The vaccine also has nanochips routers sensors hydrogel graphene oxide viruses
And mRNA that will change your genes

The nanochips inside the vaccine will program peoples thoughts
And compel them to get boosters

The vaccine is designed to work with the contents of another vaccine
Given a year or two later

It will allow for the complete control of all who take it
Children will grow up as machine children

France deactivated vaccine passports
Of nearly 4 million double vaxxed citizens
Because in order to be completely controlled
They need to take the booster

They are now relegated to the unvaxxed state
No longer able to engage in most aspects of society

The vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast
It is the precursor and will compel them to get the mark

The Mark of the Beast is the tattoo left by the isotopic microneedle array
At first it will not be visible
But then it will glow green like an electronic scoreboard

The phrase Go Green also has a hidden occultic meaning

In the movie The Blob
The vaxxed see other vaxxed dropping like flies
And know it will happen to them

They utter the rumor from the ruling class
We must eat the flesh and drink the blood
Of the unvaxxed traitors to survive

The vaccine will destroy ones spirituality
They will think the physical world is all there is

For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction
And many are they that enter it!