The serpent Tiamat or Leviathan was the ring of plasma
Surrounding the Triad of Saturn Venus and Mars
In the former era

It was exploded by magnetic induction
Using the stellar vibration from the Great Bear Constellation

As it cooled and solidified
It became the so called asteroid belt

This dark matter holds chaotic forces
From this Reptilians technologically produced Archon entities

Archons are instruments of the Reptilian race
They live off our energy

When attached to humans
Their chaotic imprints of the explosion
Causes erratic behavior in us

Our sky has become a transparent holographic projection field

The barium strontium and aluminum shot out by chemtrails
Is then ionized with EMF radiation
Ionization occurs with the removal or addition of electrons

This has created The Cloud

Now that the ambient air all around us is magnetized
The veil has been pierced
And the black matter demonic entities can be seen
Especially at night

The Cyclotron is an apparatus in which charged particles are accelerated
By alternating the electric field

The Archons usually follow an upward spiral or circular path
Depending on the magnetism of the atmosphere

The atmospheric ionized projection field of plasma
Is the movie screen for Project Bluebeam
That can holographically make us see anything they want

Which will be the alien invasion
And second coming of Christ scenarios

The Archons are the Spirits in high places of Ephesians
The Principalities and Powers of darkness
The World Forces of evil in the heavenly realms

It tells you to take upon yourself the whole Armour of God
Which includes the Breastplate of Righteousness
And the Sword of the Spirit
That you many be able to withstand in the evil day

The brightness and strength of our soul
Is our shield!