A universe is a particle that fluctuates
And mimics itself as other frequencies
Creating an infinite number of parallel structures

Every particle or universe has unlimited possibilities probabilities and potentials
That imprint endless realities in a quantum field

Each reality has innumerable amount of frequencies
Simultaneously running at the same time

Each particle has its own location within the quantum field
You can reprint an image that looks like the past
But it will never be the same because it is not in the same location

It can have a very similar resonance
But it will be only an illusion of the past

Each particle is flickering in spirals
That are moments in a parallel reality

Each spiral can become bigger or smaller
But it is always expanding

In between spirals are moments of the zero point of neutrality
Where the realities stabilize before transforming into another one

When you shift realities or timeline sequences
You go according to your consciousness vibration

Each shift is a change in your synaptic vibration pattern
Which is your projection into the quantum field

When we come here we usually initially focus on power money and sex
Your higher self and extra terrestrials who are guiding you will change that

These ETs are advanced souls who you have a pre ordained agreement or contract with
They will activate sequences completely designed for you
These are vibrational sequences encoded in your DNA

Wars catastrophic disasters financial upheavals are all in parallel realities
Which have been merging with ours because of our belief
They are created by lower vibrational beings who understand the quantum structure

You project everything in your reality
By creating your own awareness process
Which are patterns of frequency codes

Every thought is projected through your pineal gland
Which become vibrational images that you experience

Every thought has its own vibration
Every vibration has its own timeline
Every timeline has its own reality

When you give yourself to some belief structure or organization
You print images from your consciousness into the hologram to make that reality possible

You go into different holograms that you create
That are similar to the previous ones
So that you can have a new experience

You can program your DNA with your vibration
Into the proper divine sequence

Which will promote rejuvenation and health
And a more youthful appearance!