Human clones have been made since 1938

The simplest way was to collect
Two cells from a person
And insert them into a fertilized egg
From a hypnotized woman

After 14 weeks the fetus was taken
A pituitary hormone extract was injected to accelerate growth

The woman would think she was abducted

Former people from the past
Are being cloned
And assigned a new role

The ultra wealthy will have attractive famous people cloned
And used for their own fiendish desires

If a celebrity breaks their Illuminati oath
Deviating from the programming agenda
And does not follow the rules

They constitute a danger
For the completion of the project
And are killed cloned and enslaved

Many people are replaced in their sleep
But do not realize it
Because all their memories are retained

Reptilian entities transfer into a synthetic body
After they have been in a cryogenic sleep
Assimilating human consciousness with their own

They can transform themselves
And are called Shapeshifters

Most famous actors are reptilian
And can shapeshift into their roles

They also just disguise themselves
With an external cloned human skin
To infiltrate society

Dr. Fauci is wearing a mask
Just like alien Joe

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers
Are puppets of the reptilian aliens

They have been genetically engineered
With RH Negative blood

RH Negative blood allows reptilian entities
To enter a body much easier
Because it has lower frequency

When a reptilian does this
They are called Walk ins

When a member flashes the Illuminati sign
Of their two outer fingers

It symbolizes the ancient revolving light upon Saturn
Which is also pictured as upraised arms

When their hand is cusped over their eye
It symbolizes the all seeing eye
Which was Venus in front of Saturn

When their fingers are held in the shape of a pyramid
It symbolizes the universal axis
That formerly could be seen
Stretching up to Saturn
In a pyramid shape

The conical or fish head hat of the Pope
Symbolizes Mars under Venus in the former planetary configuration
Venus was the crown of Mars

Money is a black magic system
Dollar = idol liar

Satanists have to reveal themselves
In some way shape or form

United humans would be too powerful for them
So they keep us divided

We have to stop the program
Reinstate truth into the collective consciousness
And take back our sovereignty!