The universe is a machine
That utilizes periodic upheavals
To balance itself

On the surface of our plane
Is negatively driven humans
Producing a low vibration

We once had a unified language
Which was designed to communicate
With the higher realms
And generate simulation

Our connection to the simulation process
Was the language of Latin

Our tonsils were once able to change our frequency
Our pineal gland acted like spiritual antennae
And our appendix could bond us with the metaphysical

We still have activation ability
But not if we are in a low vibration

Social distancing and wearing masks
Lowers your vibration

We have to stop dwelling on negativity
And get out of victim consciousness

Think of yourself as a conqueror

Breathing controls vibration

Our universe was intended to operate like
An original Star Trek episode
Entitled Imagination

The crew of the Enterprise
Beamed down to a planet
Where what you imagined came true

Our world was once like that

A world where we were meant to play and enjoy ourselves
It was for our amusement

Now we are part of some other entities thought projection

We are being divided
And even afraid of each other
In a fake pandemic

Spirituality is in the process
Of being done away with

We are being beaten into submission
We are told what to think

We are being brought down and changed

And used to create a lower reality

Because these entities cannot match or enter
A higher frequency

The sun charges us up
Our emotions excite energy
Ley lines are used for the harvesting of our soul energy
And the moon collects it

We lose our physicality
Our memories get erased

We then enter the matrix of lies again
And become solid