We are becoming like people in a video game
Who are programmed to react in a certain way
And perform certain functions

It is a massive game
And a massive joke if you are sitting at the controls

We are being bombarded 24/7 with microwave impulses
That beam images and emotions into our brain

The controller sees what we see
And hears what we hear

Our thoughts can be read
They can induce hate anger and fear
Or love peace and joy

They can play tormentor or matchmaker

A constant shower of microwaves also accelerates aging
Deteriorates muscles bones tissues and teeth

We are being experimented on
They can input or delete memories
And they can mess with our dreams

Memories can also be transferred

The tentacles of the Beast system are taking hold

The players on the stage are us
And most of the actors do not realize
They are acting out a pre written script

The pied piper is playing and we are following
People are getting high from listening to all the crazy madness
But it is high magic drawing out our energy
In an immense loosh harvest

Fake news reports on fake missile attacks
Get us amped up

We are hit with behavior modification techniques
Then assaulted with V2 psychotronic weaponry
To get us to do what we would never do otherwise

We think we are rooting for the right team
But we are the ones being played

The truckers protest was just an injection of hope
That the white hats will win

The fake war is just another step
For clamping down and total control

When the reptilian part of our brain
Is in a heightened state of shock
People will follow the current
Which is the agenda

The elite are on their yachts
Hanging out with porn stars

Using the health care workers and police
To do their dirty work!