When a person decides to lie
Or manipulate someone else for personal gain

They give consent to a demonic spirit of the same vibration
To attach to their spiritual body
Who will in return deceive and manipulate them

There is a boundary or subtle interplay
Between our consciousness and the spiritual world
Which blurs the borders of space time and matter

When we step into a false world we fragment our soul

We have been encapsulated into a reality deception
With a severe identity crisis
Unaware of our purpose
Unaware of being spiritually interfered with

We exist here as only a small part of who we really are
Our higher self is blocked off by our low vibration

Look into the mirror and you will see your real god

The moment you buy into deceiving others
Or spreading negativity of any kind

Is the moment you build karma
Which keeps you prisoner of a low vibration

Raise your vibration or you are up for assimilation

Consciousness is what the universe is made of
We are creating the universe as we go

We are the conscious energy building the cosmos
As well as the beings experiencing what is being created

Our decisions ripple throughout the cosmos
Affecting the lives of all consciousness

Our thoughts and actions permeate the entire universe
And all of existence

The cultivation of virtues will change your vibration
And put you on the road to personal freedom!