The tetrahedron is a triangle with 4 sides
The hexahedron is a square with 6 sides
The octahedron is a triangle with 8 sides
The dodecahedron is a pentagon with 8 sides
The icosahedron is a triangle with 20 sides

These are the platonic solids
That are arranged in various groupings
To form the coding of our base structure

They are the framework of the Unified Field
Through which all life in the universe connect

They are the fabric of the crystalline blueprints
That are woven into manifestation
Which support form and consciousness

They are the building blocks of frequency and sound tones
That expand our consciousness
Throughout time and space

They shape electromagnetic fields
Which can move through multiple dimensions simultaneously

And they direct how the crystal matrix
Of these electromagnetic fields will manifest

They do this by the complex instruction sets
And geometric codes of the crystals

This is Sacred Geometry

With our thoughts we can send energy
To the icosahedrons in the geometry of water
And purify it

Clean water will strengthen and balance the grid patterns
Which will program the dodecahedrons in the core pattern of elemental solids
Into a variety of angular proportions and light refractions
That shape our matrix of time and space

The flow of energetic geomantic structures
Interplays with our blueprint
And interacts with the cosmic projection
Of the multidimensional hologram of the cosmos!