The movie Leave the World Behind
Came out on 11 28
In it a ship called the White Lion crashes onto the beach

The cargo ship that crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge
Did so at 1:28 pm

The location of the bridge was at the 47th parallel
The temperature of the water was supposed to be 47 degrees

The name of the ship in the movie was the White Lion
The White Lion is the national emblem of Sri Lanka
The cargo ship that crashed into the bridge at Baltimore was going to Sri Lanka

The White Lion is a mythical figure that is half lion and half mermaid
It was Mars immersed in the plasma sea of Saturn during the former age

The crashing of the bridge symbolizes that the currency or current of the sea
Will swiftly shift into digital money
Money is a liquid asset

Swift is the name of the new digital currency
And Taylor Swift was used to subconsciously promote it

The crashing of the Francis Scott Key bridge was the key that opens the gate
CERN is stargate technology and is manipulating the Stairway to Heaven
It is designed to facilitate Dimension X and herald the return of the fallen Elohim

El is Saturn and Elohim is the plural of El
Elohim was Mars and Venus centered on Saturn in the previous era
They created an 8 pointed star and a portal

The 8 pointed star is the emblem of CERN
It is on the British flag
And it is the iron cross

The 8 pointed star is the Chaos Star
It forms when the polar vortex erupts and plasma leaks into our world
Power is obtained through plasma and life forms become bigger and stronger

An 8 pointed star is on Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel
It is on Superman in the movie Man of Steel

The 8 pointed star appears
When the aurora expands
And the glory of the Lord falls upon the face of the earth!