The ship stuck in the Suez Canal was an Illuminati ritual
Suez is an anagram for Zeus
The canal represents a birth canal

The ship was driven in the shape of male sex organs

The name of the ship was The Evergreen
Which is used to traffic children
The code for the ship is HRC
Which is Hillary Rodham Clinton

The intentional maneuvering represents the birthing or coming
Of the Anti Christ
Who will soon be on the scene

The NCAA tournament was fun
But it was fixed
Like all sports

Basketball has magnetic rims
And a team can be made not to miss

Referees and coaches are in on the fix

Many major school coaches are Masons
How else can you explain
Coaches getting millions of dollars a year
In an amateur sport

The dollar food at Taco Bell
Is filled with nano particles and microbials

These are also sprayed upon masks
Mask wearers will be the ones with the virus

I had a dream of being in a mystical place
With a big glowing white ball that emanated energy
Inside round guardrails

Red haired giants were the ones who built the pyramids
The pyramids put energy into the atmosphere
And also invigorated the water
That flowed in canals through them
Which promoted health and vigor when drank

Red haired giants are also responsible for the architectural marvels
Of the Tartarian Empire

Wal-Mart is implementing a digital vaccine credential system
Soon you will need verification of the shot to shop there

Nursing homes are firing people who do not get the shot

We are injected with poisons
Starting with baby vaccines

People still think we landed on the moon

LED streetlights are a 5G weapon
With high voltage
And scanning antennae

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
Did not create the internet
In their garage or anyplace else
They are high ranking Freemasons
Just like astronauts and presidents

The Philadelphia Experiment
Was a channeling of frequencies
That caused some people to become invisible
And to appear many miles away

We were originally hermaphrodites

Now without a mate
People are in a perpetual state of want

There are many subterranean cities
And are tightly controlled

Animals value their lives
Just as much as we value ours

We get 97% of the saturated fat
And 100% of our cholesterol intake
From the eating of animals

Our bodies cannot assimilate it
It winds up smothering organs
Blocking veins arteries and passageways
Preventing cells from operating
And causing all sorts of health issues

People would rather believe the lies
Of the meat dairy and egg industries
So that they can justify the continual eating
Of vulnerable innocent animals

Eggs are the menstruation period of a hen
Why would you want to eat that?

The printed word can be a magical incantation

Our chakras have been turned off
But we can turn them back on

We have entered the period of the Great Awakening
Where if you have never had something
Now you can

Good will prevail!