The SARS CO2 virus is in the vaccine
It is a single strand of messenger RNA

The genetic material of the strand
Is the same as the Corona virus

It is the same complete genetic sequence

Past vaccines had attenuated or weakened
Forms of viruses

But this vaccine has the full acting virus
The full disease is being injected in people

The MRNA will produce a double strand
Of complimentary DNA within the cytoplasm

A third strand will compress the complimentary DNA
Into the cell membrane
And become chimeric DNA
Expressing chimeric proteins

Once inside it will fuse with the host DNA
And spread to other cells

The immune system will respond
Because it is coming under attack

Antigens will be produced for the entrance
Of these synthetic proteins

Because of the severity of the infiltration
Terrible side effects will occur

The immune system will shut down in many instances

As cell infiltration spreads
It will become more than just a sore arm

The WiFi will keep on being turned up

Already personalities of people are being changed

In several months when the cell towers are tuned to a certain frequency
And satellites which will have no obstacles are utilized

Zombies will start being seen

And a manufactured natural catastrophe will usher in

The Zombie Apocalypse!