We are now visible to invisible masters

Highway lamp poles now have lenses with acquired phase systems
They contain high powered transformers with directed energy for spot checks

Another type is a spherical dielectric lens with a plurality of radiating elements
Arranged around the exterior

They possess an array of antennae which create a beam of radio waves
That can be electronically steered in different directions
They use a 60 giga hertz radio frequency beam

A third type has a 450 volt capacitor
That spins and pulses EMF radiation

They are connected to the AI supercomputer

They send radio frequency beams into people
Who are not going along with the agenda

Some have cameras that drape way out into the freeway
Used for surveillance
They will render a 3D image into the quantum computers

These cameras also send out radiation waves
That record what we are saying

LED lights contain micro lens phase capacitors which receive 5G signaling
Which create photons that can target anything in the area

These capacitors are transponders of incredible powerful technology

They have connector wires enclosed in very thick tubes
Obviously a lot of serious high powered juice flowing through them

This is a 5G weapon system being used for nefarious purposes

Once they have your bio coded into the computer
You can be targeted anywhere

Cell towers will pick up the signal for your individual DNA signature

If you are targeted a stream of energy will pass by everybody else
Your brain will be the digital receiver with your unique brain wave pattern

All your brain wave activity will be monitored
And put into the AI data base

We create compressed blueprints of the world in our brain
The quantum computers can take these electronic waves
And render them as pictures which people can look at

They can then look through your eyes
And hear what you are saying in your head

Your brain can be downloaded

They want to also download parallel realities and other realms
Which you participate in
And put them in a chip also

They want to play god with you
And with the whole universe!