The mRNA gene therapy vaccines
Contains smart dust or graphene nano routers
Which will connect the person to The Cloud Database or Skynet

They will get their own MAC address
Which shows up on Bluetooth

The Cloud or Internet of Things
Tags nano dust with MAC addresses

Almost everything now produced
Has an Internet of Things MAC address

And needs to get an Internet Protocol Version 6 or IPV6 address assigned to them
To be logically grouped with an avatar
That will represent each individual

The smart dust will encode each individual into the network as the acting avatar

The dysprosium oxide in the vaccine
Will grant those who have taken it
Higher magnetic moments
Allowing better conductivity to the 5G nodes

Smart phones will initially be the receiving vehicle
For any signals being sent to them

The purpose of the vaccine is download your brain into The Cloud

Your thoughts and memories will then go into a computer
And you will eventually live in a machine as an avatar

Your soul energy will be harvested
Allowing otherworldly entities to use your consciousness
For existence in this world
In their upgraded robotoid bodies!