The creator of our universe
Is an energy being

That created a reality
For other energy beings

With realms intended
For great expansion

We have now entered the Age of Aquarius
Of Instant Karma
Where manifesting will become easier

By projecting emotions form the heart
And focusing with the mind
So that the state of being awake and dreams merge

You can direct energy

By holding a high vibration of happiness or love
You can manifest positive thoughts and desires

When you believe it with everything you got
It will be like a magical incantation

Like when you create beautiful patterns in water
Invigorating it with your energy and thoughts

Intent is huge
The metaphysical is part of this reality

Every dimension has rules
And this one has just got new rules

You have to see your reality unfold
In front of you

Forming images in your mind
Projecting them outward

Onto the electric sea
With your bioelectric energy!