Our consciousness has been altered
To serve an alien agenda

Every cell in our body has a resonant frequency
Injected graphene causes a dangerous level of resonance

Depending on the vaccine taken
Inoculated people will resonate altered frequencies

Graphene oxide will absorb radiation and multiply it

5G microwaves body scanners and cell phones will flare up the nano graphene
That has been injected into the bloodstream

Any electromagnetic device that emits radiation
Will also amplify the nano particles ingested from chemtrails

AI silent sound weaponry
Is the magical mystery tour
That has come to take us away

It affects the proton and electron oscillation rate
This is the real apparatus of climate change

It can also vibrate and break apart oxygen molecules

Cell phone towers emit 60 degree hertz microwaves
Which is the resonant frequency of oxygen
A lack of oxygen deteriorates body functioning

Heightened plasma influx from the Cosmic Mother or Venus
Is energizing and restoring the grid system
Which enhances our sensory capabilities

It is the return of the Emerald Order

Which is the golden rule of Solomon
And the golden age of Saturn

The Dawn of Aurora is resurrecting our spiritual sight
Enlightening us with eternal truth

The influence of Venus brings the will to do good and generate harmony

That is why the rush is on to inoculate everyone

Our thoughts attract events into our reality
Think high thoughts!