Our universe was designed to be real to us
To be a solid physical reality
So we could have a true experience

It was fashioned so we could slowly get out
And the higher we elevated
The more our dormant DNA would be activated

But starting with the theft of the Arc of the Covenant
Which was the transponder in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid
And the taking of others in various pyramids

We got stuck in this consciousness circuit simulator Merry Go Round
That automates whatever you add to it

Trapped by a consciousness parasite
That mines our mind
And creates a boundary matrix

Our souls are in a perpetual system that reattributes itself
Like an algorithm around you

But which now sucks our energy

The moon is a machine
That watches observes and monitors us
Downloading information to entities
Outside our realm

One day a great fireball will appear
Throwing the world into panic

Maybe Jared Kushner will be the Anti Christ
Pictures of Jesus have been made to look like him

During the 80’s at the Live Aid Concert
All the bands flashed Illuminati devil signs

A young girl was sacrificed beforehand
And the proceeds went to traffic
Children from Africa for adrenochrome

Johnson and Johnson the Baby Powder company
Was an adrenochrome extraction facility
Their powder was literally powdered babies

The top of the Empire State Building
Has been lighted to form a big needle

The unvaccinated will soon be denied service
And access to all public buildings

We live in a Big Hoax
We are looked upon as we look upon ants

As our brain waves entropy into self destruction
From our fear condition

And when our quantum spin of electrons
Will be determined by electrical lines of force

We will suffer a spiritual death

Unless we know who we are
And who we are not!