Behind every great conspiracy is another conspiracy
And the public is none the wiser to the scheme

When truth has been covered up for so long
It is hard for a human to process real knowledge

An avatar is a robotic copy of a human
Controlled via a chip or through brain computer interface

A more advanced avatar has a human brain in it
Or an artificial brain with a human consciousness

The robotic elite are synthetic puppets of technological masters
Who want to control the structure and thus our reality
By guiding the structure of quantum codes that control our consciousness

They want to enslave us mentally in our beliefs

History is embedded in our subconscious
Religion and myth are based on actual events but are celestial in origin

When we blindly believe the priestly caste of avatars
It creates fertile ground for deception and manipulation

We get uprooted from our foundation and given false bearings
Where we come from and where we live become carefully crafted lies

Deceptions become extreme psychological distortions that strap common sense
We trust in messages with a false moral compass
The suffering in the slaughterhouse is met with existential apathy

We put ourselves in a synthetic reality matrix
That has stolen our humanity

When the waveform of the fractal velocity of neurons is manipulated
We turn into the resonance of that which we believe we perceive

Heliocentrism is the largest and most dogmatic religion ever
With prophets showing us computer graphic illustrations
But telling us of no divine purpose

When one believes and follows they consent to be a mental slave
Trapped within themselves gazing at shadows

No longer trusting their own senses
Bowing down to perceived authority figures

You are the creator

Once you raise your frequency
By giving with a pure heart
You then put out into the field positive energy
Which comes back to you

And changes the vibration of your consciousness!