DNA infiltration among Illuminati families
Is known as the family disease

They live in fear of it
Because they know once it is activated
They will be taken over

They are caught in a world
Of constant ritual and ceremony
Designed specifically to activate their possession

Most Freemasons though have no idea
Of the real significance of these rituals

Without ritual they cannot be
World leaders
Or the royal family
Or hold any positions of power

The thoughts and emotional processes
Of high level Freemasons are controlled
Because of possession by reptilian entities
Through DNA activation

Some genetic codes or bloodlines
Do not have the potential for activation
That is why there is an obsession with bloodlines

The main function of the cloning program
Is to produce designer bodies
To be possessed by reptilians

They clone human flesh
Over their own reptilian skin

They have been here posing as humans
In politics business military etc.

The final stage of their program
Is to reveal themselves

And position themselves as saviors!