Ancient Greece believed that The Milky Way

Originated when the infant Hercules
Tugged at the breast of Hera
Spilling her milk
And forming a luminous path in heaven

The Milky Way was a fiery pillar
Or ladder like structure
Spanning the heavens

Horus ascended this ladder to his father Re

Angels and souls climbed up this ladder
To reach the Gates of Heaven
And the Kingdom of God
Who was Saturn

The ladder was
The Ribcage of Adam
And the Backbone of Heaven

The Backbone of Heaven
Had 33 vertebra

And housed the spinal fluid
Which went up into the sky

The resemblance of a ladder to a spinal column is striking

The ladder was also the Holy Spirit
Which along with Saturn and Mars
Made up the Holy Trinity

Jacobs Ladder is said to connect Heaven to Earth
Jacobs Ladder had 33 stairs

This is the origin for the 33 steps of Freemasonry
Each step you gain enlightenment

It is also the origin for Jesus living 33 years
And dying in AD 33.

In a previous age
Mars moved up the Axis Mundi to Venus
A plasma discharge from Venus resulted
Creating 33 terminals

Christos means anoint or flow with oil
The oil was the spinal fluid
And the milk of Hera

Mars was Christos ascending to heaven
Along the Milky Way

Becoming brighter and brighter
And therefore gaining enlightenment!