Our sky was once dominated by the clear white forces of the Universal Axis
In harmony with the yellow Saturnian force
The green and emerald glow of Venus
And the red nature of Mars

The silvery white influence of Mercury
And the multicolored Jupiter hiding behind Saturn
Were also visible

Outside influences created a frequency fence
And the rearranging of the electromagnetic field
That caused a period of darkness

Creation accounts is this system coming back online

The Hopi accounts call the center of the sky The Purple Pole
And the circumpolar stars The Purple Subtle Enclosure

The fluorescent glow of Saturn now resonated an ultraviolet light

Eventually due to continued outside interference Saturn became known as Black Saturn
Babylonian accounts called Saturn the ghost of the dead sun

The Creator of fire and light was venerated as the Black God
And in astral lore the Black Planet or Black Star

Saturn was also described as having a dark nature wearing black garments

The Naradeya Purana calls Saturn Shani or Kulu which translates as the Black One
Shani and Kulu are aliases for Shiva and Surya

The Maya call Saturn Itzamna the old black god

The black color of heraldic arms was referred to as the Saturn color

The Black Stone in Mecca is called the Yamini Stone
And is located in the corner of the shrine or Kaba which means star
Devotees are required to encircle the stone 7 times while trying to kiss the stone
Black stones have been regarded in the past to have come from Saturn

The shrine is a cube enclosed in a black cloth called the Kiswan

The House of Allah which is Saturn and the cube which is the Kaba
Is the meaning behind the esoteric Jewish teachings called Kabbalah

Talmudic Jews are required to wear the Tefillin
Which is a black cube on their head
And to have it wrap 7 times around their arm

This and the encircling of the Kaba 7 times
Is representative of the original 7 rings around Saturn
And are both honoring the alien intrusion without the knowledge of the participants

Saturn now has a 6 sided hurricane vortex on its north pole
That forms a black cube

It is not naturally occurring
It is an estimated 12 times the current influx in the south pole
There is a beam current driven by extraneous energy from above
Which suggests interference from another dimension

This plasma filament is a wormhole
Making for easy entrance into our realm

The electron beam is a distinct function of a diocotron instability
It is a Mega Hex

The word Elite comes from El which means Saturn
The Elite are putting black cubes in front of their corporate buildings all over the world
They are flaunting their secret in plain sight

This explains why Saturn and the black cube are so important
To secret societies and esoteric rituals
Dark Saturn means Satan

The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is also a massive storm
And has been swirling for over a century
This is another portal

The movies Interstellar and Zathura both have Saturn as a portal

Portals are common
We just do not realize it!