In the lower 4th dimension
Between the 3rd and 4th densities
There are hidden spaces

It is here that reptilian
And other manipulating entities
Exist just outside the frequency range of our senses

And police our vibrational prison matrix
Keeping us addicted and restricted
To the dense physical senses

But because of a cycle of change of vibration
Their own physical form has broken down
And they can no longer reproduce

They are in a panic to prevent this shift
That opens the vibrational door
Which will prevent them from manipulating our physical form

They have sought to infiltrate human form
To use our bodies to exist
And control us in this dimension

They are using DNA infiltration
To stop humanity from making the shift
To a more spiritual and even multi dimensional form

A form which we had before the Fall of Man
Which was a fall down the frequencies
Caused by the manipulation of incarnate consciousness