CERN is a quantum computer

The main ring of the Large Hadron Collider
Has super conducting magnets
That control and alter the natural spin or resonance of electrons

All electrons and fundamental particles
In the human body are charged

By introducing quantum nano particles
Such as quantum dots and artificial atoms
Into the human body by the vaccine
Entangled electrons are produced

These components are injected for brain computer interface

Many nano particles can self replicate
They will be triggered by an electromagnetic pulse

The spin of electrons
And their the resonant frequency and wavelength
Will be controlled

Our spirituality is determined
By the flow of protons and electrons
Which circulate in opposite directions

Our soul is influencing the spin

A spinning proton is a spiritual marker

Our spirit connects us to the universe
Which operates with the same laws and principles
Of a quantum computer

They are using existing quantum computers
Which is the model of the chip set
Of the Large Hadron Collider
To detect spiritually minded people

By altering the flow of protons
Our spirituality is changed

There is a plan to build a universal quantum computer
That is biological and neuromorphic to the human brain

The human brain is also a quantum computer
It has electrical signal processes
Through microtubules within the neurons

These flow of electrons
Produce our thoughts
And hold our memories

By altering the spin of electrons
Our thoughts and memories are changed

CERN is coming on line in May!