Hundreds of empty cities
Ruins that have been blitzed by high energy.
We live in a false narrative.

A thousand years ago the world was a high tech wonderland.
But since then one civilization after another has been dissolved.
And people can’t conceptualize the extent of the chicanery.

There are 212 so-called Maya unihabited ancient stone cities and sites in Mexico
69 in Campeche, 62 in Yucatan 44 in Chiapas, 30 in Quintana Roo, 7 in Tabasco.
There are 126 in Guatemala
97 in Peten, 9 in Quiche, 4 in Escuintla, 4 in Huehuetenango, 2 in Quetzaltenango, 2 in Retalhuleu, 2 in Chimaltenango
2 in Alta Verapaz, 1 in Suchitepéquez, 1 in Guatemala, 1 in Baja Verapaz, 1 in Izabal.
There are 26 in Belize
10 in Cayo, 5 in Orange Walk, 5 in Toledo, 4 in Corozal, 1 in Belize, 1 in Stann Creek.
There are 5 in El Salvador
2 in Santa Ana, 2 in La Libertad, 1 in San Salvador.
There are 5 in Honduras
5 in Copan.

For a total of 374.

Tikal in Guatemala is the largest and considered the signature city with 7 pyramids in the Grand Plaza.

There are about 100 of so-called Aztec sites in Central Mexico.
There are hundreds of so-called Inca sites in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Columbia, Chile and Argentina.

There are 51 pyramids.
29 in Mexico, 10 in Belize, 9 in Guatemala, 2 in El Salvador, 1 in Honduras
But there are hundreds of smaller ones which have been designated as ceremonial structures.

The Great Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico is the largest monument in the world.
It is 66 meters high which is 211 feet and 450 square meters at the base which is 1,440 feet.

The Olmecs are supposed to be the earliest Mesoamerican civilization
The colossal heads found in Veracruz and Tabasco are ascribed to them.
And so are the baby motif stelae, mosaics, jade face masks and Kunz Axes.
The Kunz Axes are jaguar and serpent figurines made out of aventurine and cinnabar.

The Toltecs are supposed to be later.
Jade, gold and turquoise sculptures and pictures are attributed to them.
And so is the Atlantean Warrior Basalt Columns at Tula.
They are 4.5 meters high or 13 feet with butterfly breastplates and knives of flint.

The Toltec influence is supposed to have extended from Mexico to Costa Rica.
At Palmar Sur in Costa Rica hundreds of perfectly spherical stone balls called Las Bolas have been found.
Some are more than 10 feet in diameter.

They are found in other places such as Banja Lake in Bosnia.
They were made by pouring a cement mixture into a pre manufactured space.

Tulum is beautifully situated right on the coast of the Caribbean Sea
The Diving Man Statue there is said to be a mystery.
But it is representative of Mars who fell towards earth in the previous age

In Mexico especially in the Yucatan there are the celebrated deep water wells called Cenotes.
They have crystal clear blue water that sometimes connects to underground rivers leading to the ocean.
They were formed from energy weapons which eradicated the former inhabitants..

At Sacsayhuaman in Peru there are gigantic walls with cyclopean polygonal masonry.
Some of these limestone blocks are 12 feet high and over 100 tons.

Ollantaytambo also in Peru there is the Wall of the Five Monoliths.

In Cuzco Peru there is the Wall of the 12 Angle Stone.
Recently a wall has been unearthed in Huancavelica Peru which has rocks that precisely come together from 13 different angles.

What these walls have in common is that they were part of much bigger complexes.
That were destroyed by high frequency energy technology.

The Temple of Apollo at Delphi Greece has these rock formations.
As does the wall at the Emperors Palace in Tokyo.
And also the Ahu Tongariki platform of the 13 Moai on Rapa Nui or Easter Island.

Lemuria consisted of Easter Island, Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa and Tahiti.
And Melanesia, Micronesia, Macaronesia, Indonesia and Malaysia.
But also Central and South America.

On West Java, Indonesia there are scattered fragments of a basalt step pyramid called Gunung Padang which means Mountain of Enlightenment.
High frequency microwave energy would be the only explanation as to how this pyramid ended up like scattered match sticks.

Java is now a series of islands.
It was formerly part of a much bigger island called Sondaland.

The underwater pyramid at Yonaguni Japan has immense stairways and platforms built for giants by giants.
Machu Pichu in Peru was built on top of the Andes because the climate there was once favorable.
The sea level and climate changed because of the use of sustained energy.

Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus Valley in India means Mound of the Dead.
The skeletons found there along with artifacts are still radioactive.
The pottery is vitrified which can only happen at extreme temperatures between 4000 – 5000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Particle beam weaponry decimated Mohenjo-Daro and the surrounding towns.

There are geoglyphs at Nazca Peru, Blythe California, The Caribbean, England and elsewhere.
And etched into the land of Syria, Saudia Arabia and Jordon are thousands of stone wheels or circles with spokes more than 200 feet in width.
There are Effigy Mounds such as the Plumed Serpent Mound near Pleasant Hill Ohio which is 13,500 feet long.

All these can only be seen high above the earth.
Flying ships or airplanes utilized free energy from the Pyramids to use as power for the aircraft.
And the mystery is solved.

Petroglyphs were usually made by tribal people.
Who depicted the bygone apparitions of the planetary gods and their plasma interactions and displays.

The sacred book of the Hindus the Mahabharata describes the incendiary weapons of Vishnu.
Vishnu when battling Ravana turns into the brightness of 50 suns.
The Vedas another Hindu holy book describe Vimanas.
The flying chariots of the gods.

The chariots are the plasma formations around the planetary gods in the former sky.
The weapons are electrical discharges.
The increased brightness is the influx of electric energy.
Which was the reason for the discharge.

The Tiki statues on the Marquesas Islands with their enormous eyes are representations of a double vortex that was visible in the ancient heavens.
The Armenian Stonehenge at Carahunge Armenia portrays the same idea.
The Dogo of Japan also made large eyed figurines.
As did the former inhabitants of Ghana and Nigeria in Africa who made big eyed terra cotta statuettes.

Pumu Punku about 13,000 feet up in the Andes Altiplano in Bolivia has massive monolithic andesite blocks.
Andesite is one of the hardest stones in existence right next to diamonds.
Yet the blocks have perfectly carved interior cavities.
Huge prefabricated H-Blocks were connected together using dovetail joints.

Some of these blocks weigh over 100 tons and are 25 feet high.
Yet today the area is a scattered debris field.
Not only are the massive stones broken
But some are pulverized.
Which can only be the result of intense high energy radiation.

Egypt has many pyramids that have been hit with high energy.
Abu Gorab has an immense monolithic crumbled pyramid.
And in times past had a 160 foot tall obelisk.

Gobekli Tepe in Turkey is a complex of electric generators.
With massive walls and 50 ton T-shaped pillars with animals and insects carved on them.
It was intentionally destroyed
And deliberately buried
Only about 5 percent is excavated
The remainder is still under 20 feet of sand.

Pyramids were coupled capacitors.
They were geometric devices attached to the earth.
They were tuned in and resonated to the vibration of the earth.
And withdrew energy from the earth.
The energy was harnessed and amplified.
And converted into transmissible waves.

Pyramids are proof of the knowledge of high frequency energy in remote times!

Derinkuyu in Turkey is an underground labyrinth with 18 levels and a sophisticated air ventilation system.
The Huashan Grotto in China is a huge underground city with bridges and pavilions.
The Caves of Nepal are situated at 14,000 feet in the sheer cliffs of the Himalayas.

And along with the many ancient sites in the American Southwest.
These were refugee areas from energy devices.
But all eventually succumbed.

Just like the ruins in Central and South America.
And the South Pacific.
And elsewhere.

The human body and the human genome is something that could not have happened randomly.
We have an intelligently designed DNA code.
And we are programmed through our DNA sequence.

But they only operate correctly if we are tuned into the correct frequency.

Just like the pyramids.