During cave cleaning operations
In the mountains of Afghanistan

The American Special Forces Unit
Were ordered to kill giants
That were hiding out in these caves

One in particular
The Kandahar Giant
Was well known in that region

He was shot many times
Especially in the face
Before he succumbed

His body was quickly taken out by helicopter

The establishment sees giants as a threat

Whenever a giant skeleton is found
Donning an iron helmet
Or some type of electromagnetic receiver
The Smithsonian comes and takes it away
Then denies it has ever existed

Giants were common in the former great epochs

In the Golden Age
The most advanced giants built structures
That manipulated energy flow

Which we cannot build today

Many buildings had huge doorways and stairs

While most humans ate fruit
From the abundant fruit trees
That prospered under the soft ultraviolet rays of Saturn

These highly intelligent beings
Utilized energy
For their bodies biochemical needs
And did not need bathrooms

Some giants intermingled with the Tartarians
And assimilated into their population

And some intermarried with tribal people
Becoming great chiefs
Such as the Shawnee Chief Chickasaw
And the Lenni Chief Lappawinsa

They typically were red haired
Had six toes and six fingers
And double rows of teeth

The sleeping giants are waking up
They possess knowledge and understanding

That would ruin the current usurpers control
And plans for human enslavement

What will be the outcome!