Fetuses are alive when they are aborted
But only for about five minutes

So in order to get live cells
Abortion clinics have about five minutes to cut out tissue
And to harvest the organs
Of the person who is in their initial stage of development

They then sell their cut out portions
To laboratories all over the world

Johnson and Johnson
Astra Zeneca
Bio Intech
Use fetal cells for their vaccines

They do not have to
But it is cost effective
And easily attainable

Fetal cells along with simian cells
And various mammalian cells
And cells from bacteria and fungi
Are grown in a Petrie dish

This is used as a vector to protect foreign DNA
That enter the nucleus
And bind with the host DNA

Genetic sequences of spike proteins
And genetic material of Covid 19
Are transported into the cytoplasm of the host cells

The proteins then become a virus

Especially glycoprotein 120
Which is chimeric

Man made viruses are also inserted

This combination of viruses create a super virus
Which goes viral

The immune system will then react
By killing the bodies own cells

And will need antibodies to do this
Thus becomes auto immune deficient

It will be said that the vaccine was rushed
Which is the reason for the terrible side effects
And high rate of mortality

The goal is to produce chimeric humans!