Sound waves make geometric forms
Which become patterns made visible through light

The interplay of light and sound
Must be used together in the creation
Of energy fields and forms

Thus every form is a vibration wave
And every shape is a vibrational field
That has an energy signature
Of electromagnetic information
Which consists of fluctuating complex geometrical patterns

These patterns reveal the structure of the physical universe

Everything you see and do not see
Is a vibrating sound frequency
That has a geometric pattern
Which influences the quality of our consciousness

These shapes of frequency hold subliminal information
That impact our bio neurology at unconscious levels
Thus directing the quality of consciousness energy

The interconnection these patterns have with human consciousness
Is understood by non human forces
Who effectively use the power of sound waves and frequency resonance
In both positive and negative vibrations
Along with dissonant geometric patterns
To damage our DNA potential

Limiting our connection with all other life

Currently we are being assaulted
With weaponized versions of these sonic geometries
Even from dimensions that exist alongside ours

Our real identity has been stolen
Our collective consciousness suffers
And our inherent divinity is covered up

We can utilize sound waves
Such as harmonious music and soothing tones
Along with inspiring words
To positively resonate the cells in our body
Which will increase inner harmony
And greatly strengthen
Our spiritual and physical immunity!