Are microscopic computers

While quantum computers
Are multidimensional

That is why the purpose of CERN
Is to create artificial wormholes

Blue Beam technology
Will give life to the Beast
Which is the array of quantum computers

And people will worship
The Image of the Beast

The goal is to bring down humanity

The internet has taught Artificial Intelligence
How to do just that

Web browsing reflects information as a mirror

Since DNA is made up of D60 carbon
Synthetic humans can be made

By inputting digital information
Into carbon based diamonds
Acting as DNA
Consciousness is produced

By birthing a new race of synthetic humans
With minds and consciousness connected
To the Hive Mind
Humans will be digitally controlled

And when the specific signal
Is transported by 5G
It will give instructions to the nanobite machines
Which will be in the Corona vaccine

Humans will suddenly not realize they had a prior life
Contrary to the new life they now find themselves in

The Beast System will produce
A sentient world reality

And humans will think
That the reality they are now in
Is the reality that has always been!